Tiled Kerdi Sink Part 1

Stop by this Thursday as we get the sink ready for tile and install a curbless shower pan.

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Article by: Mitch Tully

Space Transformation

Challenged with a $100 budget for decor and paint and then combined with a few Realstone Hive tiles, this vignette has been completely transformed. With the recent additions of Pietra Romana 'Noce in a herringbone pattern on the floor and Urban Wood 'Walnut' planks around the fireplace, the space needed only a few more finishing touches to really come to life.

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Project Spotlight: Tully Master Bath

After spending the last few decades updating a tile showroom, Joel and I finally got around to replacing the 8x8 tile installed in our master bath when the house was built. Joel was pretty much willing to go along with anything, except that he had three conditions. He wanted to use really big tile (he is a man after all), he didn't want to see the bottles and such that tend to litter bathrooms, and he didn't want to use a 1x1 mosaic (he lost this one).

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Article by: Barbara Tully

Cento: Modern Take on Classic Style

As our newest Italian ceramic wall tile, Cento puts a nice spin on classic subway tile. Measuring 5x7 and finished with a soft bevel along its edges, Cento is available in 2 formats, 2 finishes and 10 different colors. The color palette includes a variety of whites, greys and beiges along with a beautiful purple, gold and light green.

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Article by: Jordan Hangge